5 steps to business growth with your Accountant

By patelpike on 20th September 2013

Many business are looking to grow, but many believe they can do it alone. It has to be questioned, if so many businesses think they can do it on their own, why do 9/10 businesses fail and why are so many only just scraping through?

imagesAccountants are known to be the most trusted advisors when it comes to business, but so many are being under-utilized. Maybe this is because accountants are not offering the services required by business, which is why, here at Patel Pike, we go beyond what is already being offered. It has been said that there are 5 levels of accountancy and there are 5 steps to
growing a business. Believe it or not, they go hand and hand.

Fortunately, here at Patel Pike we have the ability to perform at a level 5 standard and we succeed and perform at this standard, time and time again.

Level 1: is getting everything to comply with current standards. This is something all accountants do and all businesses should be doing at all times.

Level 2: is conducting a thorough analysis, doing ratios and asking “what if” to the business owner to understand how
stable they are and help them choose the right path. Majority of accountants can help with this, but a lot of businesses are trying to do this themselves.

Level 3: is having a future focus. Its looking to the future and setting goals. Something that not many businesses do. It is said that the most successful people have written their goals down. Something that not many people do. Some accounting firms can help you with this, but most have been left behind at level 2.

Level 4: is providing a link to performance. It is ensuring the business is self sufficient in achieving these goals and still
confirming they are on the right track. Only a few accounting firms do this because it takes a lot of persistence to get to this level.

Level 5: is continuously improving the business. This is something that Patel Pike offers. We help you grow your business to reach your goal and then go above and beyond to help you to achieve goals you never planned on achieving. We continuously push you to success and we take great pride in watching you continue.

These 5 levels of accounting, are conducted by Patel Pike.

We have the ability to help you achieve. It is important to have success in your life, but everyone needs the guidance of a professional. Even Tiger Woods needs a coach and a caddy.

It’s time to satisfy your goals and push past levels 1 and 2.

Call Patel Pike today if you’re interested in levels 3 to 5.

We can help you.

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