Property investors to pay ACC levies on rental income

By patelpike on 24th July 2014

If your rental income is classified as ‘active’, then ACC levies will apply.

If yes, then you may be paying ACC levies. You may be wondering about why ACC collects levies from rental income.  It comes down to whether your rental income is classified as ‘active’ or ‘passive’.  ACC levies active rental income but not passive rental income.

The difference?  Rental income is classified as active when you put in some effort for it.  For example, that might be mental and/or physical work collecting rents, inspecting the property, arranging for maintenance, finding tenants and so on.  Where there’s not this degree of effort – for instance, where you have a property manager in place – the income is classified as passive.

If you’re running the rental property through a company, and distribute the income as shareholder salary, this would also be levied as active income.  Where income from ‘passive’ rental has been distributed to the shareholder as dividends, these are not subjected to ACC levies.

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