About Us

We are different, and here’s why

We’ve been established for more than 30 years, but that doesn’t set us apart; so have many other accounting firms.

We’ve provided comprehensive accounting services for many hundreds of clients: that doesn’t make us different either.

Here’s what gives Patel Pike the advantage:

We provide a service that goes far beyond “looking after the books”. No matter how small your business and personal accounting needs, your future matters to us. We work alongside you to help with business growth and wealth creation. We streamline your tax, business and private accounting, always with one aim in mind: to maximise your overall earnings.

Our track record is proven by our clients

Our 30-year track record is one of absolute integrity. A point of particular pride is the fact that it is rare for any of our clients to go into liquidation. Many, however, have grown their businesses far beyond expectations, and are now enjoying a significantly better lifestyle.

Our People