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The Ride to Conquer Cancer

A request for your GREAT support for cycling again 200 km in 2 days event in Nov 14 called The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting Cancer Society Auckland. I’ll be participating in a 2-day major cycling event again called The Ride to Conquer... Read more

Business Perspective

Reform Fitness Jane Bingham and Lane Gibson opened Reform Fitness in 2011. As partners in crime both professionally and personally, Lane and Jane were exposed to this specific form of exercise while living abroad in London. Both trained in a range... Read more

Property investors to pay ACC levies on rental income

If your rental income is classified as ‘active’, then ACC levies will apply. If yes, then you may be paying ACC levies. You may be wondering about why ACC collects levies from rental income.  It comes down to whether your rental income is... Read more

Are you struggling to pay IRD penalties and interest charges?

Tax pooling can reduce your cost by up to 30 percent. Anyone who has been hit hard by Inland Revenue (IRD) late payment penalties and use of money interest (UOMI) for unpaid or underpaid tax knows how crippling this can be. It’s the last thing... Read more

5 steps to business growth with your Accountant

Many business are looking to grow, but many believe they can do it alone. It has to be questioned, if so many businesses think they can do it on their own, why do 9/10 businesses fail and why are so many only just scraping through? Accountants are... Read more

Running a “Family” business can be a challenge

Owning a business can be great for you and your family, however, if your affairs are not handled properly, things can really start to get challenging. It’s important to do the best thing for your business but more important to ensure it’s not... Read more

“What has happened to my Profit?”

Clients often ask us, “What has happened to my Profit?”. Some don’t under-stand the difference between profit and cash-flow. Profit is not equal to money in the bank. In the above case clients are living beyond their income and need to... Read more

Marketing a Childcare Centre

Here at Patel Pike, we value marketing and the benefits it offers to each business. But marketing can be costly, so we have come up with some easy, effective and cheap forms of marketing that could help to grow your childcare centre. Create strong... Read more