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Experience proven strategies to help you

Understanding you, your business and your goals and listening to your concerns and ideas, allows Patel Pike to develop personalized strategies and provide solutions to meet your exact needs, focusing on achieving results.

Our clients experience supportive leadership, and choose how they respond to suggestions that Patel Pike and Associates provide them, to help improve their business.

The goals of our clients matter to us. We begin helping your business with the end results in mind, take appropriate action steps and provide necessary services when required for your business to reach those desired goals.

When you work with Patel Pike and Associates Ltd we prioritise your needs and organise our time with you to help you realise opportunities in your business for growth and success. We assist you as a business owner to “Work on your business” instead of in your business” by offering expert advice on improving your business processes to achieve great results.

Your success matters to us at Patel Pike, when we are able to help our clients achieve their goals, we also feel rewarded by the experience and this provides benefits for both parties.

Our clients also have access to an extensive range of professional services. At Patel Pike we aim to provide value that exceeds your expectations, and while we specialise in certain services, we have networks of business professionals who can provide our clients with added value services.

3 Phases of Business

YOUR Journey to success


Worry free, high standards meeting tax laws and IRD requirement.

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Adding Value

Tax planning proper structure and prepare for the future.

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Financial Freedom

Wealth creation, Debt control return on investment, work and life balance.

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