Kanu Patel

Managing Partner

  • QSM, ANZIM, Member of the Institute of Directors
  • Business and tax expert
  • A bit of a guru
Many people claim to be passionate about their work, but few are as genuinely passionate as Kanu Patel.

Since establishing Patel Pike and Associates in 1975, Kanu has devoted his career to steering people out of monetary difficulties and into financial security – then watching their business grow. And, if it’s what clients are seeking, he also helps them with safe ways to personal wealth.

It’s not simply a matter of money with Kanu: his approach to financial needs is holistic, taking personal goals and lifestyle into account, and aiming always for his clients’ financial independence.

He has provided business, tax and financial advice to more than 500 clients in the last 30 years, and his way of working has proved successful time and time again. More than 99% of the business he has helped have survived, and many have gone from struggling to thriving.

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